12/18 + 1/19: Oils for Spiritual Development with Lauren Perreault

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Okay my friends! 🙌

This is something I am SUPER passionate about. As a yogi and a psychic/medium and intuitive counselor, I use oils in my work every single day. I have been using Young Living essential oils to support my work for over four years, and I am so excited to finally share with all of you how I do this, and teach you some ways you can use oils to support your own spiritual development.

If you are not yet a member with Young Living, please contact me directly at lauren@alignmaine.com so that I can help you determine the best way to participate.

This is a two-phase program that will begin December and continue into January. There are up to 7 oils that you will need in order to participate!


⭐️ Phase 1: Education ⭐️
December 19th 8:00 - 9:00 PM EST: I will lead a free ZOOM Call to talk about the oils we will be using in this program. I will educate about how oils can help you with spiritual connection, and will do a brief 10-minute guided meditation. Those of you who will be ordering the oils should have them on your Essential Rewards order and processed by this date so that you are sure to have them in time to start the weekly program in January.

⭐️ Phase 2: Application and Practice ⭐️
We will gather via ZOOM for 4 sessions in January - 1/9, 1/16, 1/23, 1/30 - from 8:00 - 9:00 PM EST. Each session will include education about the oil, guided meditation around the theme of the oil, self-inquiry and journaling around that theme, and discussion and support. The themes for the weeks are:
🌱 Jan 9: Release
🌱 Jan 16: Magnify Your Purpose
🌱 Jan 23: Transformation
🌱 Jan 30: Into the Future


IF YOU ARE ALREADY A MEMBER IN MY YOUNG LIVING ORGANIZATION, the cost for this program for is only $15 IF you do any of the following:
🌱 Spend a minimum of 100 PV on your Essential Rewards order in BOTH December and January
🌱 Spend a minimum of 50 PV on Essential Rewards and enroll two new members under you in December
🌱 Become a NEW MEMBER with your Premium Starter Kit AND enroll in Essential Rewards at the same time in December (PM me for help with this!)

IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER IN MY YOUNG LIVING ORGANIZATION, the cost for this program is $100.


Please CLICK HERE to complete a short Google Form and we will send you your registration link.


The required oils featured in our sessions are:
🌱 Release
🌱 Magnify Your Purpose
🌱 Transformation
🌱 Into the Future

⭐️ I HIGHLY recommend that you also have White Angelica (please note that this oil can only be purchased as part of an Essential Rewards order, so make sure it is added to your December order ASAP!)

⭐️ Optional oils to support grounding - I recommend you have AT LEAST one of these:
🌱 Sacred Mountain
🌱 Vetiver
🌱 Patchouli
🌱 Grounding
🌱 Northern Lights Black Spruce
🌱 Sacred Frankincense
🌱 Sacred Sandalwood
🌱 Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood
🌱 Valor

Very excited to embark on this journey with you all!

Please click to join the group below and feel free to share this with anyone in your life who may be interested!