Dear yogis -

Since we announced our plans to close down the yoga studio this past Saturday, we have been shocked, stunned, floored, overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and sadness from this community. The texts, emails, phone calls, Facebook and Instagram messages have been flooding in. We have spent hours in conversation between the two of us, and then with so many of you. 

What we hear is that, for you, there is no place else like Align Power Yoga. We have heard you ask, “Where will I go next? Where will I be able to find this type of community again?” We have only be able to say, “We’ll keep you posted,” because the truth is… we don’t know either. There have been a lot — as in a lot — of tears shed over the past few days as we have been in a space of grief with each of you over the loss of our studio.

The truth is that the costs of operating a yoga business are higher than you might imagine. We need to occupy a sizable space to do the work we do, but we have to pay for each of those square feet. We are committed to only having the best teachers we can find, and in order to do that, we need to pay them appropriately (although their work is worth at least five times what we can afford to pay them). The way we have been operating APY is no longer sustainable. We believed that it would be the best thing to close our doors, to say our sad and grateful goodbyes, and to meet you for class somewhere else sometime.

But then you poured in with your love and you told us how much this place means to you. And we heard you. We hear you. We see you.

We will not be closing on Sunday.



We have kept our pricing competitive in comparison to other yoga studios in the area. Part of having a market as saturated as ours means that studios are constantly having to undervalue their offering. Newer studios opening up have to compete with those already established in order to try and survive. But newer studios that are still building their communities also need to be able to cover their costs. We are over two years in. We have a strong base of committed yogis. The work we do at Align is unparalleled, as you know. But we need to change how we offer it. 

So here’s what we have come up with.

On Monday, we will reopen with a new schedule. We like to call it a “boutique schedule.” Right now, we can’t afford to offer 5 classes a day and pay our amazing teachers no matter what. So we will be offering between 2-3 classes per day during the week and one class per day on the weekends. In addition, our Sunday morning class taught by Peter will be a FREE community class every single week.

Our pricing structure will also be changing. We can’t afford to offer you $89 unlimited yoga passes anymore. We need to charge a bit more for the work we do here, but from what we are hearing, that’s okay with so many of you. Because the type of experience you are able to have at Align isn’t something you can get anywhere else. Our teachers LOVE each and every class they teach. We know ALL OF YOU by name. We don’t use keycards because we want to know your names. We want to know about your lives, and we share ours with you. You know our kids, some of you have been to our house, we have shared our joys and sadnesses with you, and you with us. We are all in this together.

In order to gauge where our community is at with all of this, WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU. PLEASE take five minutes right now to fill out this very brief survey. The information we get from this survey will help us determine how best to move forward.


As we wrote in our original email, in business, the bottom line speaks loudest. In yoga business, it can be hard to get the bottom line on paper to match the bottom line in our hearts. But we believe that if we all come together, we can align them.

We are ALIGN, after all.

We love you -

Lauren & Paul

PS Class this Sunday is from 9:00-10:30, taught by Lauren. It will be a FREE class. Not our final class. A class to come together, to pour our hearts into our space, and to be together. Our own little Thanksgiving celebration. Please join us and tell everyone you know about it. EVERYONE IS WELCOME, ALWAYS.


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