Dr. Paul Perreault

Dr. Paul Perreault

About Paul Perreault, D.C.

My experience with chiropractic began in my teenage years, when a chiropractor helped me through a major ski injury. Even at that age, I began to discover a different, more natural approach to health that fit with my lifestyle and values. At the same time, I was fortunate to have a mentor who fostered in me a passion for humanity and serving others. From that mentorship, I was set on a trajectory to become a lawyer, but after a short period of time in pre-law school, I knew that I needed to approach my mission to service from a different angle. I entered a pre-med program at University of Maine at Fort Kent, and shortly after, I enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic in San Jose, California, where I was graduated in 1999.

While in California, I was exposed to a more holistic, healthy, open-minded approach to life and living than I had ever experienced. This perspective resonated with me, and I have carried it throughout my years as a chiropractor. I have owned practices in California, Arizona, and back home in Maine. Coming home to Maine after the birth of my son, I had a newfound appreciation for the beauty of this state.

I have been practicing chiropractic in Maine since 2002. I love chiropractic, I love what it offers people, and I love my work with my patients. I take a holistic approach, a whole-life approach to health, with the ultimate goal of removing interferences so that the body can express its full potential.

Align Maine is the ultimate dream for me and my beautiful wife, Lauren. I am a humble servant looking forward to years of creating meaningful relationships and doing significant transformational work with many people.

We offer Align Maine with love and light in our hearts and we will express that for years to come.