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My initial experience of yoga was in a Bikram studio in Arizona in the late 1990s. I enjoyed it sporadically over several years, always as a complement for tennis or other athletic activities. However, as a lifelong competitive athlete, I began to notice that old injuries were still affecting me. When I started practicing Baptiste Yoga in Maine in 2009, I immediately developed a deep respect for the tradition and methodology of the practice. I have practiced almost daily for the past six years, and can personally attest to the dramatic benefits of consistent yoga practice. Initially, this practice helped me recover from physical injuries but I quickly discovered that its benefits run much deeper than just the physical body.

Baptiste Yoga is my practice. I love it for its alignment principles, for the strengthening of the body, mind, spirit and soul. I was able to work my way through significant injuries that had been longstanding in my body for many years. The recovery of my body led to emotional and spiritual growth. I practice yoga because it grounds me, calms me, and makes me strong. It’s good work with good results. Through many stressful years, the principles of Baptiste Yoga have kept me healthy in body and mind, and helped me train my physiology to remain calm under difficult circumstances. 

As a chiropractor, and as a yoga teacher, I have the expert advantage of understanding anatomy and physiology from a therapeutic perspective, and I know how to bring people through injury and recovery. This expertise underlies all my teaching in the yoga studio. I look forward to holding space for students to do their transformational work and to discover the power yoga the way I did.

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