As a teacher, my purpose is to empower others to align with their own true selves through yoga. Having practiced yoga for over 20 years and as a devoted Baptiste Yoga student since 2005, I know the unparalleled transformational power of this practice. I have felt it in every area of my life. It is what has brought me to lead our yoga community here at Align Studios.

I started practicing yoga at the age of 14, and continued to casually practice through my early twenties. In 2005, at the age of 24, my life landed me on the studio floor of the Cambridge, MA Baptiste Power Yoga Institute, and I knew I had found my home. From that moment on, my life reorganized itself around my yoga practice. My studentship evolved into teaching in 2008, when I was part of the inaugural in-house teacher training program offered by Baptiste Yoga Master Teachers Claire Este-McDonald and Gregor Singleton. Since then, I have completed Level One: Journey Into Power with Baron Baptiste in 2009, and Level Two: Sannyasin’s Journey with Baron Baptiste in 2010; numerous Baptiste Yoga Assistant Training programs, and a 500-hour-level training with Claire Este-McDonald and Gregor Singleton. In addition to these formal trainings, I have been fortunate to have many profound mentors along my teaching journey, including Masaaki Okamura and Jenna Hussey.

In addition to my teaching career, I hold a degree in Psychology from Yale University, and spent the first five years after college working in research in the broad fields of psychiatry and neuropsychology at Harvard-affiliated hospitals in the Boston area. I have a love and appreciation for psychotherapy and transformational counseling, and these experiences inform my teaching and community offering in subtle ways. I am always looking for the highest truth in all people.

My teaching and leadership at Align Studios is the culmination of over two decades of yoga study and living into my own truth. I found my home on my yoga mat, and it humbles me more than I can express to be able to hold a space for others to do this most valuable work in their own lives.