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I first studied yoga in the 1970s. Then life intervened with marriage, family, career and all the distractions of “making it." I came back to yoga at age 54 with a chronically weak back and a desire to deepen my understanding of health and well being. Nine months into this renewal of commitment, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. The twists and folds of asana practice revealed symptoms that allowed the treatment to be brief and effective. Within days of my surgery I was walking a mile; after five weeks I was back in the studio returning to my practice. Now in my sixties I continue to have the experience of my body surprising me in positive ways. I love sharing this possibility for rejuvenation and connection in my teaching.

I am devoted to bringing yoga to underserved communities. I am currently men at the Maine Correctional Center, Androscoggin County Jail and at the Milestone Foundation. I am proud to be a part of Sea Change Yoga, a community of yogis who bring yoga to students of limited means and difficult circumstances. I invite you to join.

Professional development:

Level 1, Level 2 and Assisting with Baron Baptiste

Ten day training with Philip Urso and Renee Deslauriers of Live Love Teach,

Yin yoga training 1 and 2 with Josh Summers

Yin yoga training with Melanie Burns of Wicked Good Yoga

200 hour certificatioin with Yogrishi Vishveketu Ph.D. in Rishikesh India

Daily meditation and regular Skype conversations with my meditation teacher Alan Chapman at Wiser by Design.

I love taking classes at different studios around New England and I shamelessly plagiarize the most effective teaching I encounter.

Of course, my best teachers are my students who keep it all real.