As a teacher, my purpose is to empower others to align with their own true selves through yoga. Having practiced yoga for over 20 years and as a devoted Baptiste Yoga student since 2005, I know the unparalleled transformational power of this practice. I have felt it in every area of my life. It is what has brought me to lead our yoga community here at Align Studios.


Baptiste Yoga is my practice. I love it for its alignment principles, for the strengthening of the body, mind, spirit and soul. I was able to work my way through significant injuries that had been longstanding in my body for many years. The recovery of my body led to emotional and spiritual growth. I practice yoga because it grounds me, calms me, and makes me strong. It’s good work with good results. Through many stressful years, the principles of Baptiste Yoga have kept me healthy in body and mind, and helped me train my physiology to remain calm under difficult circumstances. 


My classes are for anyone willing to find the time and the space on their mat. I focus mainly on power yoga because this is the style of yoga I fell in love with ten years ago. I strongly believe meditation and flowing, powerful movements help take the busyness out of the mind and can be extremely rewarding for the entire being.


For me, yoga is a way to connect to myself and to others. The practice changes day to day but there’s a knowing that it’s always right there, to lift us up, or ground us down. My teaching philosophy is simple: I teach from my own practice. I share what I’m learning and working on in hopes of delivering the same feelings that yoga brings to my life — calm, purpose, confidence, joy — to others.


I first practiced yoga at a small gym in Yarmouth Maine. After a year of practice I completed the Baptiste Institutes’ level 1 program and moved to Boulder, Colorado to study the yoga tradition and teaching at Naropa University. There I studied Hatha yoga, yoga meditation, and classical Indian music. I took time off school and moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama with my girlfriend Emily. During that time I taught yoga full time and completed the Baptiste level 2 and level 3 programs.


I first studied yoga in the 1970’s. Then life intervened with marriage, family, career and all the distractions of “making it." I came back to yoga at age 54 with a chronically weak back and a desire to deepen my understanding of health and well being. Nine months into this renewal of commitment, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. The twists and folds of asana practice revealed symptoms that allowed the treatment to be brief and effective. Within days of my surgery I was walking a mile; after five weeks I was back in the studio returning to my practice. Now in my sixties I continue to have the experience of my body surprising me in positive ways. I love sharing this possibility for rejuvenation and connection in my teaching.