Class Descriptions

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Power Yoga (All Levels)

A vigorous, empowering, transformational flowing vinyasa class based upon the Baptiste methodology. This heated class will detoxify the body, increase flexibility, and build strength. This class is truly for all levels of experience. Practiced in a hot room -- prepare to sweat and detoxify your body. Classes run for 60, 75, or 90 minutes.

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Slow Flow

Our Slow Flow class gives you the chance to slow down and feel your way into the depth of the postures in our more traditional Power Yoga class. This class will move you, rinse you, and take you deep into sensation. Practiced in a hot room. 60 minutes.



Our Basics class is perfect for all yogis, from the brand-new student to the advanced yogi. We practice in a low-heat room and focus our movement on the basic components of a safe, strong, and intelligent yoga practice. This class typically has a slower-paced flow than the Power Yoga class, but students can still expect to move through postures and build a strong internal heat to detoxify and energize the body and mind. Practiced in a heated room. Classes run for 75 minutes.

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Yin Yoga softens the connective tissue of the body, which includes the bones, ligaments, tendons, and fascia. Most of the focus is around going deep into the joints in a safe and healthy way. This is a quiet, mostly floor-based practice, that will take you deep into the sensations in your body, and help you find stillness in your mind. Each posture is held for 3-5 minutes, giving your body time to soften and surrender. We practice in a comfortably warm, but not hot, yoga room. Classes run for 60 minutes.