Welcome to Align Maine

Expert chiropractic care with Dr. Paul Perreault

Massage therapy tailored to each individual client

Intuitive guidance and psychic-mediumship with Lauren Perreault

Essential oils support and education to help achieve optimal wellness

Expert chiropractic care.


At Align Health, chiropractic care is based on the fact that your body is able to heal itself when your spine and nervous system are healthy and functioning normally. Chiropractic care is the practice of removing points of interference - or subluxations - in your nervous system so your body can heal. At Align Health, we work with your body to create balance and remove any obstacles that may be preventing ease and optimal health.


Massage therapy tailored to each individual client.


Our highly-experienced massage therapists custom-design a therapeutic approach for each new client. Make time for this service regularly in your life, and you will see huge results in your overall health and wellbeing.