LAURA SZAFRANSKI, Certified Consulting Hypnotist

When I was a very young girl, my parents would take my sister and I for long rides in the country. I remember being fascinated by the green landscape, the gentle breeze and the rhythm of the road. I can remember the feeling of tranquility and peace. When I think about those long trips now I recognize, that was my first true experience with “Focused Attention” or “Road Hypnosis.”

Later, when my children were born, I decided on a natural birth. Instead of using anesthesia to relieve the discomfort of the contractions, I practiced a type of focused breathing and progressive muscle relaxation called the Lamaze method. Although I did not know it at the time, Lamaze is also a type of hypnosis.

You see, whether we call it hypnosis or guided relaxation or mental imagery, hypnosis is learning to focus one’s attention on what’s possible instead getting sidetracked by doubts.   There are many challenges that can be resolved or improved when using hypnosis. For example:

·       Emotional eating             

·       Smoking cessation                            

·       Improved self-esteem

·       Fear of public speaking                   

·       Overeating                                             

·       Chronic pain

·       Procrastination                                  

·       Sleep disorders                                    

·       Habit disorders

·       Test anxiety       

·       Sports performance                         

·       Stress management

I studied Psychology at Salem State University and Dental Assisting at Tufts University. I also spent years of nights as a business major at Husson College. I graduated with honors from Southern Maine Community College with an Associates Degree in Science as a Nutrition and Dietetic Technician, Registered. I am a Certified Phlebotomist and a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with a specialized certification in Clinical Hypnosis for Pain Management.  

Since 2011, I have provided direction and support to many hundreds of patients at a physician-supervised weight management center in Portland, Maine. During that time, I had the opportunity to develop my skills as a Consulting Hypnotist. My clients learn how to use focused attention as I suggest beneficial ideas that we have previously discussed prior to a hypnosis session. Suggestions include improvement in self-esteem, eating for nutrition, no longer having the desire for tobacco and other practical self-healing solutions. The ability to pay meaningful attention has never been more important.

I am honored and excited that Dr. Paul and Lauren have given me the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the fantastic team at Align Studios – Power Yoga + Health. If you would like more information about me or have questions about how hypnosis works, I am happy to offer a free 15-minute consultation. Better yet, book a full 75-minute session with me and experience all the benefits.

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Laura Szafranski is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Nutrition and Dietetics Technician, Registered. She has specialized in weight management for years and has successfully counseled hundreds of patients through their weight loss journey. Her experience combined with a natural, intuitive ability to understand and to support her clients has helped individuals with issues such as overeating, anxiety and lack of self-confidence.