MICHELLE NATALE, Licensed Massage Therapist

My work offers an integrated approach to massage therapy. In doing so, I find that I am able to help facilitate opportunities for self-growth and improvement for my clients. This may include developing progressive treatments for improved range of motion, rehabilitation from an injury, relieving chronic or acute discomfort, releasing muscle tension, or simply promoting relaxation and rejuvenation from within. Every session is catered to the needs and intentions of the individual. I completed my Certification for Massage Therapy at the Potomac Massage Training Institute in Washington, D.C. I hold further certifications in Pre- and Perinatal massage, mastership Kundalini Reiki, and Level 2 Usui Reiki. I also draw upon my introductory training in modalities such as Myofascial Release,Trigger Point Therapy, Active Isolated Stretching, Shiatsu massage and beyond.