Working with Lauren was really rewarding. I had this aching question that I felt strongly needed answer and when we had our reading, I was able to get to an answer. It made me so much more confident in who I am. So much was raised, I will need to go back to my recording and listen over and over. My life feels just a little richer as a result of this reading. Thanks Lauren!!
— Margot S.
I recently spoke to Lauren and have had incredible breakthrough with some issues i have been holding on to for quite some time. I anonymously referred a friend of a friend and got such a great message from the person who i don’t really know about what an amazing experience it was for them ... She is something special that is for sure!! I highly recommend speak to her if you are even a bit curious.
— April W.
I cannot say enough about how amazing Lauren is. She has helped me connect in many ways. I have found peace with past events that have effected my life, I have connected with family that has passed, and have brought more calm into my home. Lauren has a way of making the entire experience comfortable and guides you safely though the readings. She respects your wishes and boundaries. You feel like you’re talking with an old friend. If you are hesitating at setting up an appointment- don’t wait any longer. It is truly worth the time and money.
— Katie S.
Lauren Perreault is a great medium who is patient, loving, not pushy or aggressive and connected with my mom and said things which no one knew. I prepared me for it and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to connect and make sense emotionally and move on with solace which I definitely got.
— Minni K.
Lauren was fantastic. She answered many questions my husband and I had about close ones that passed. We were nervous at first (we had no idea what to expect or “who” would show up) but she was calm and very detailed. She let us know who was talking and what “homework” I should do. She followed up the next day (and a few days after!) to see how we were feeling. Looking to delving deeper with more loved ones at another time with her :D

— Kristen B.