60-Minute Reading - $195

Most first-time clients choose to do a 60-Minute Reading. This gives ample time to explore the connection to those on the other side!

30-Minute Reading - $125

30 minutes is usually an appropriate length for a follow-up session or if you have a very specific question or concern that you need guidance with.

Text Reading - $75

You may send me 1-2 questions. I will respond to you within 24 hours. Payment is required before I will respond to the questions.

How to Schedule

My schedule is still closed to new clients but will be opening by Spring 2018. Thank you to all of you who have been so patient with me as grew and gave birth to a new human! Clara Luna was born on Thanksgiving Day, and we are finding our rhythm. Please LIKE my Facebook page and add your name to our mailing list to be notified when my schedule opens up!

About Me / FAQs

I am a psychic/medium, which means that I'm able to connect to the consciousnesses of those who have passed. I don't typically "see ghosts" (although that has happened on rare occasions); instead, I receive awareness, information, and knowledge from those who have passed.

People like to ask about the "typical" session, but unfortunately, there is no formula when it comes to my mediumship! However, there are some common elements that I have experienced:

~ Most sessions are completed within 60 minutes, with some requiring only 30 minutes.

~ Every living person has someone (usually many people!) on the other side who become present when we begin our work.

~ I don't have control over who shows up or who doesn't, but I can usually "call on" someone if he or she is not present during the reading.

~ Quite often there is a message or a directive from the other side.

~ I do not entertain or welcome darkness. If there is someone who is associated with dark energy, I will be able to receive communication from that person only if you and I agree to engage. Otherwise, I respectfully send them on their way.

~ While the majority of my work is as a medium (communication with those who have passed), there are many occasions when I am able to gather information about things happening in your life right now, or things that may happen. The more I do this work, the more access I have to universal sourcing, which means that I may be able to give you messages or guidance to help determine next steps in your life.

~ If your loved ones on the other side speak a language other than English, this is usually not a problem! I can't explain this but I have experienced it many times! I have done readings where the loved ones on the other side speak French, Italian, German, Croatian, even Hindi!

I have never had a "failed" reading -- in other words, there has never been a reading where no one on the other side showed up. Some sessions are like pulling teeth, though, especially if there are family secrets or feelings of guilt or shame surrounding a death. But I have always been able to form a connection.

I am not affiliated with any religious doctrine or belief system, and I do not discriminate. I welcome clients from all walks of life and all belief systems.

Some people like to know how I can do this. This has always been in me. For a very long time, I resisted this ability and tried to turn it off. Turning it off also turned off my creativity and my ability to feel the fullness of life's experiences. Now I approach my mediumship as a service. Working with my clients is an honor and a privilege to me. I hold this powerful work as a sacred connection, and I feel that it is a gift to me to be able to be with my clients in these profound spaces.

All my work is completely confidential. I can work with you in person if you are local to southern Maine, over the phone, via FaceTime/Skype, or even via text (I have done many readings this way!).