From Our Founders

Align Studios was conceived in 2014. First, it was a fantasy, a dream, a “someday” idea. Over time, and with practice and dedication, the dream grew legs and landed. We worked, sometimes slowly, but always with commitment, for two years to develop our vision for Align Studios. From the beginning, we knew that this would have to be an authentic offering from our hearts to the community – a place of empowerment, integrity, and love.


Align Studios offers itself to the greater Portland community with absolute clarity and joy! This is a place for you, whoever you are, HOWever you are, to do some good work. This is a place for you to align your body, mind, heart, and spirit with the truth of your own natural state of health and happiness. This is a place for true connection to self and to others; a place for community, support, encouragement, and growth. Our combined backgrounds in alternative health care and dedicated yoga practice seamlessly flow together to hold a powerful space for transformation for all our students, patients, clients, community members, and friends.

Come explore what is here for you. Step into a new way of living. Do your work here. 

We offer Align Studios to you.

In service and gratitude,

Lauren & Paul Perreault