An intelligent approach to a strong and balanced practice.


Trust your practice. Go deeper. Develop more balance, ease and strength through a powerful, accessible approach to yoga in South Portland. We are here to guide you through a safe, fun and powerful yoga practice that from the first class, will leave you feeling refreshed, inspired, energized and grounded. 

We are a community of yogis who have a love of the asana practice as a vehicle into the deeper practice of yoga. The disciplines of yoga have brought us to such a strength of connection to ourselves and each other that we now turn our practice to guiding other students along their journeys. We teach yoga rooted in the tradition of Baptiste Yoga, which emphasizes freedom of expression and being, vitality, transformation, and love of self and community. As yogis, we work to embody ahimsa in all our affairs. The first ethical precept of yoga as it was described by Patanjali in the yoga sutras, ahimsa translates to “nonviolence” – nonviolence not only in our actions, but also in our thoughts and speaking. All other practices of yoga may be said to come from this state of being.

Our mission is to live and embody yoga, knowing that the experiential learning of what yoga truly is cannot be taught, but only demonstrated. We are not experts or gurus. We are yogis who have dedicated our lives to this practice and to its teachings. Our purpose is to create, hold, and grow a community of like-minded individuals who want to explore all that yoga has to offer, starting with what is tangible and solid – the physical body and the asana practice.